The Leaseholders’ Association was formed in August 2004 and formally represents the interests of leaseholders with Camden.  Recently the Association has negotiated major improvements to the payment terms for the major works, and is currently reviewing the increases to service charges. It is vital that the Association represents as many leaseholders as possible in order for it to retain its formal consultative role, and be able to negotiate effectively. Membership costs just £10 a year. To find out more or to join email

Camden holds the head lease of all the the Brunswick flats, and individual leases refer back to some of its provisions. If you want to know more, you can read the lease here:  Camden head lease on the Brunswick.


2 Responses to Leaseholders

  1. Hilary Harrison says:

    Dear Brunswick residents
    We want to have a new kitchen fitted in O’Donnell Court
    Has anyone had this done and can recommend a good kitchen fitter who knows the Brunswick?
    many thanks

  2. Christina hennessey says:

    Does anyone have experience of changing the heating from the communal system to an individual combi boiler?

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